You are frazzled! Running around trying to get things done and people together. Everything seems like such a mess! Nothing is going as planned! What do you do!?!Your wedding day can bring a lot of stress, both before and during the big day. But I've been to enough wedding
You have a lot of photographers to pick from when it comes to your wedding day, engagement session, or senior photos. I thought I'd share a little bit about my style. Then you decide if I am the right photographer for you! and if not, no worries.Maybe you saw my earlier blog
Film photography is out, so you thought. In this digital, high-tech era, why am I and so many other photographers getting back into film photography? Isn't digital easier (and cheaper)?For me it is all about slowing down to get the shot. You have to know exactly what you are
So why did I become a photographer? How did I start? I always loved pictures and anything artistic. I started out drawing. I didn't have tablets or smartphones and I didn't watch much TV when I was young. I was always outside and if I wasn't outside I was inside drawing.I sta
I had the privilege to go to Mexico for a month and it was definitely worth all the effort it took. It helped my Spanish a little but it is still very limited. I didn't just go to the tourist part of Mexico, I traveled all around central Mexico. I started in the mountainous regio