Adventure Session Around Moab, Utah

Monique & Tyler met me in Moab on a stop during their road trip to California. We had such an amazing time for their two day adventure session around Moab! I got to show them around Moab to some lesser known areas, away from the crowds of tourists. They trusted me & followed me way out into the middle of nowhere to find some remote canyon overlooks, unique rock formations, & even a red sand dune! We split up their day into two parts. On the first day, we met up at sunrise for an amazing overlook that was only a short drive from the highway down a dirt road. After sunset ended, we made our way to some dispersed camping located down another very long dirt road. Before we turned in for the night, we took some photos in front of their Subaru Crosstrek & then some night time photos under the stars & the Milky Way. This was actually Tyler’s first time in Utah & the first time he had seen the Milky Way in person. That night was very windy & made some of the star photos a little harder but the effort was worth it.

The next morning we woke up before sunrise & just walked a few hundred feet from where we were camping to the various canyon overlooks. The sunrise over the canyons near Moab was just perfect. It was a very clear day so we could see for miles. The sunlight lit up the canyon walls as it rose & warmed us up a little. We also met an engaged couple that was camping with their dogs that morning & they were curious as to what we were doing up so early. They were very friendly & we talked with them for quite a while & got to meet their dogs. They even gave me a little grape soda badge for Bunji! (If you’re not sure what this is from, watch the movie Up.) The couple we talked to were very interested in adventure elopements & they wrote down my information, so who knows! I may end up shooting their elopement! On our way back to Moab we stopped at some amazing rock formations with a large red sand dune right up next to them.

Moab has its popular areas such as Canyonlands National Park, Arches National Park, & Dead Horse Point State Park. But there are SO MANY other amazing areas where you can elope or have a photography session! I absolutely love to show couples these locations because we either don’t run into many people or there is no one else at these locations at all! But locations such as these rival the state park & national parks in the area, with much less people. The parks encompass just a tiny part of the beauty Moab has to offer, you just have to know where to go to find these other amazing locations!


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