A man proposes to his girlfriend under an arch in Moab, utah.

Adventurous Moab Proposal Photography Session

I always love proposal photography sessions becasue it’s always a fun event filled with anticipation & it is always so fun helping people plan out the moment & cool locations like this arch in Moab. Hank reached out to me wanting to surprise Mary with a proposal somewhere in Moab, But he didn’t yet have a solid idea of where or when. Moab is such a vast place but so many of the areas around Moab can be sooo crowded depending on where you go & when.

Since I’m local to the area, I know all sorts of hidden gems but also know when to go to the more popular spots so there are less people around. Sunrise was the perfect time for Hank’s surprise proposal to Mary under this arch. I knew there likely wouldn’t be anyone else around & these rocks just glow at sunrise. Getting good light in a desert of red rocks is kinda hard at times, especially with the sun reflecting off of canyon walls & other formations. I talked with Hank about locations beforehand so we could plan out the best spots so they could celebrate the rest of the day as an engaged couple. In the planning process I sent Hank maps of the location & other info on the trail, how & where to stand, & when to get there.

With surprise proposal photography, it’s always a bit tricky to get into the exact position & capture the moment & the landscape. I marked where I wanted Hank to be with a rock I set down in place. He asked Mary to stop because he wanted to get a snack out of the bag, however, she was ready to move on & keep hiking! But Hank just kept insisting that she wait & come back & have a snack. I wasn’t sure if we were going to be able to do the proposal right there but Hank got Mary to come back & the proposal happened right under the arch at the perfect time!

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