Bride and groom have a sunrise ceremony at Artist Point in Washington.

Sunrise Artist Point Elopement in Washington

Whenever couples come to me with just a general idea for their elopement & not even a specific state in mind, I get soooo excited because I get to help couples plan the very BEST location for them & I can send national (or even international) location suggestions that fit the vibe they’re going for. Bleidy & Mikael wanted to “feel love, excitement, & a connection to nature”. They envisioned themselves in different sceneries, like being deep in a forest but also in vantage points overseeing beautiful mountains. They were open places across the PNW & Montana & other mountainous areas. Artist Point is located in the Mount Baker area of northwest Washington. I sent them all sorts of location options & was stoked when they decided on this part of Washington! I knew it’d be perfect for what they were looking for.

Eloping in the Mountains of Artist Point near Mount Baker

Bleidy & Mikael started their Artist Point elopement day off by getting ready in their gorgeous little Airbnb. It was located in the tiny community of Glacier, Washington, just down the mountain from Artist Point. They had a first look in the beautiful little vacation home they rented & then packed up & we were off to the mountains! I remember while I was riding up with them, a wedding version of the song “From Now On” from The Greatest Showman was playing. I never thought of it as a wedding song. But honestly, I loved it as a wedding song & I can see how it could be fitting.

We arrived at the parking lot of Artist Point in Washington a little before sunrise during blue hour. Bleidy & Mikael used some lanterns that I provided for them to use to light the way in the twilight hours of the early morning. I love using lanterns because they are functional but they can also add to the aesthetic of your elopement day. They can also really help you stand out against the darker, cooler toned landscapes with the warm glow of the lanterns. The sunrise was perfect. Without a cloud in the sky, the alpenglow on Mount Baker was just breathtaking. If you can plan your elopement photos around alpenglow, I highly recommend it! You’ll want to look for a landscape that can be lit up at sunrise or sunset, so you’ll look for western or eastern facing landscapes where you can be in front of the landscape.

During the peak sunrise time, we adventured around & took photos in every direction. Literally with 360º mountain views in every direction, we had to take advantage of the incredible sunrise lighting! Then just after actual sunrise, it was time for their ceremony where they shared personal, handwritten vows. We adventured around the reflective alpine pools a bit more, got some great photos of Mount Baker & Mount Shuksan & eventually also went down to Picture Lake for a few more photos.

Exploring the Rainforests at the Base of Mount Baker

I really just can’t get over how lush these rainforests are in Washington! Yeah, the mountains are hella epic & gorgeous. But for more mid day photos when the light gets harsher, a bit of shade can be nice. Also these rainforest areas are all over the Pacific Northwest. The Hoh Rainforest may be one of the most popular areas, but you can find this lush greenery on other trails like this that are much less popular. This section of rainforest was also right next to a glacial blue river that just added a little bit of extra magic to the experience & to these photos. We could hear the water rushing over the rocks as we explored this old growth forest filled with ferns & moss covered trees. After their forest picnic & Artist Point elopement, they headed back to their Airbnb for a champagne toast to cap off their amazing Washington elopement day!

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