Austin, Texas: what to see, where to go, & what to eat

August 9, 2018

Collect moments, not things. I never regret spending money on travel, especially when I get to see good friends. Austin, Texas is a cool place but it was a lot bigger than I was expecting. It is a city full of a unique, modern culture with a good mix of artistic influence. I loved the creativity I saw everywhere in the city, there was creativity in the buildings, art, & even the food.

Lake Travis at sunset

What to see

You definitely need to check out the different natural areas around Austin. There are a variety of lakes & rivers in the area. There are various place such as Zilker Park & Barton Springs that have some beautiful views, especially if you can get out on those bodies of water in a canoe, kayak, or paddle board. And you definitely need to see Lake Travis! The views at sunset from Oasis Texas Brewing Company are amazing! The shopping area around there is pretty neat to explore as well. 

Travis, Megan, & Aisley paddle boarding 

Me paddle boarding at Lady Bird Lake

Sixth Street

Where to go

If you want to see some nightlife & street art, check out the areas around Sixth Street. There’s lots of good bars & restaurant in that area. It is one of the most iconic streets of Austin. If you stick to the area east of I-35 on Sixth Street, that’s the better area for the most part. It can get a little rowdy down there at night, but it is a fun area to see with lots of art, culture, music, & good food.

Easy Tiger restaurant

Some of their awesome sausages & a giant pretzel

What to eat

I definitely recommend going to Easy Tiger on Sixth Street. They make all their own breads there, but skip the bread & go for the pretzels! Everything is good there. Their cheese, wine, draft beers, sausages, etc. The indoor areas can get cramped, but there is lots of open outdoor areas. Which is fine, until it rains, like it did with us! Another good place to eat is at Oasis Brewing, mentioned above. Good food & beer with a stunning view of the sunset.

A beer from Oasis

Lake Travis just before sunset

If you’re craving crepes, Crepe Crazy is a great little place to go. And it is very fun & unique! It is run entirely by deaf people. And if you are wanting some good cold brew coffee, it was practically invented in Austin. Just stop by any local coffee shop! A good place to eat anytime is 24 Diner. It isn’t your typical diner with greasy blah food & cheesy looking decor. It has very good, fresh food with a very pleasant atmosphere. And all of these only scratch the surface of what Austin, Texas has to offer!

Lunch at 24 Diner




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