How to have the best wedding photos possible

September 19, 2017

Wedding photography is a fairly significant investment so you want your pictures to be the best that they can possibly be. Choosing a great wedding photographer is only part of it. There are some things that you can do to ensure your pictures turn out as best as possible.

custom boutonniere for the groom from Chevrons and Champagne

Don’t choose strong colors. Strong colors are colors that are very bright or neon. Colors such as turquoise, bright yellow, & red don’t photograph as nicely & when people are wearing these colors, it draws your eye to the color first and not the people. Stick to neutrals, pastels, & more muted colors. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE bright colors and love wearing bright colors, but from a photography standpoint, they just aren’t as nice. Instead of red try maroon, instead of turquoise try a dusty blue, etc. This also goes for the decor. Boldly colored decor can make an image seem one sided or draw attention to only one part of it. However, bolder darker colors are usually safer, such as deep emerald, navy, and maroon. 

bride getting ready at venue

Keep your getting ready areas clean. So many times when I go to shoot the bride or groom getting ready, the room is a disaster. Keep all your random items tucked away in one spot. Or bring a nice tote for each of your bridesmaids and groomsmen and tell them to store all of their items in that tote & keep all the totes in one area. This will make for much better getting ready photos & you won’t have a whole bunch of clutter in the background. Also remember to pick up all your trash & Starbucks cups!

vintage blush velvet ring box with gold key and silk ribbon

It’s all about the details! Details will make your wedding. Even if you just want a simple wedding, a few elegant details will make a big difference. A large part of your wedding photos will be the details. Important details to think about include the bridal bouquet, bridal jewelry, wedding invitation suite, & centerpieces. I love styling the details to show them off as best as possible. If you like the cute ring box above I highly recommend you check out The Mrs. Box. There are also similar vintage velvet ring boxes on Etsy

fine art film wedding photography of a couple in Nebraska

Schedule enough time for pictures. Your wedding is probably going to have something go wrong or not go as planned so make sure you schedule some buffer time into your wedding day schedule. If you schedule this buffer time in, you will have time for relaxing if you are on time or ahead of schedule, if things get behind you won’t have to worry because you have some flexibility. Also check in with me and let me know your venue. To get better photos we may have to leave your venue & go to another location, make sure there is enough time for this. 

black bridal portrait by a window with a red winter bouquet

Choose your venues wisely. Don’t expect the same quality of photos at a dark town hall with no windows versus a naturally lit venue or an outdoor garden wedding. I also would advise against churches and other religious buildings as there can be many strange color casts, difficult lighting, dark lighting, and the getting ready areas are really never nice. And if you just stick to one location, you save on cost and time!