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“Why I Wish I Eloped” | Married Photographers Share Their Experiences for brides & grooms As wedding & elopement photographers, we've seen a huge variety of weddings & elopements. Have you ever wondered how photographers get married & what they like, love, or regret about the w... READ MORE 50+ Things You Should Know About Eloping in Colorado for brides & grooms Eloping in Colorado has become less uncommon & that's a GREAT thing! It means that more & more couples are having a day for just them. It means that couples aren't afraid of breaking free from... READ MORE Getting Married in Colorado: What You Need to Know About Marriage Licenses & Self Solemnization for brides & grooms Are you getting married in Colorado? In order to make your marriage official & legal, you need to follow local regulations & laws & make sure you get your marriage license. Did you know yo... READ MORE The Ultimate Guide to Eloping in Glacier National Park for brides & grooms Elopements are a thrilling experience. Your wedding location can be just like the one you've dreamed of! Glacier National Park is one of those amazing locations that looks like something out of anothe... READ MORE Why You Should Elope in the San Juan Mountains of Colorado for brides & grooms The San Juan Mountains in western Colorado are a unique & beautiful location for an elopement in Colorado. While areas such as Rocky Mountain National Park tend to be very popular, the San Juans a... READ MORE The 6 Basic Steps You Need to Take to Elope for brides & grooms It can be a little overwhelming in knowing where to start planning your elopement! After all, you’ve probably seen a few weddings, maybe even helped planned some but elopements are just so different. ... READ MORE Leave No Trace & Elopements for brides & grooms If you're an outdoor enthusiast like me, you've probably at least heard of leave no trace. Leave no trace (LNT) is a set of guidelines for outdoors ethics set in place by the Leave No Trace Center. Ac... READ MORE How to Celebrate with Friends & Family After Your Elopement for brides & grooms Elopements are usually a very private event. You might invite your parents or a handful of your closest friends. A lot of times, you might still want to celebrate in some way after your elopement. An ... READ MORE The Benefits of Intimate Weddings for brides & grooms As an intimate wedding photographer, I've seen many benefits to the weddings with a smaller guest list. Elopements & intimate weddings allow you the chance to celebrate your love in a different wa... READ MORE How to Elope in a National Park for brides & grooms How to elope in a national park Eloping in a national park is one of the best things for many reasons! You get some of the best & most unique views in the world in many of the various national pa... READ MORE

Why elope?

I truly believe eloping is the best way of getting married. The wedding industry has commercialized marriage. But weddings should get back to basics. Your day is all about YOU!