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So you’ve made the decision to elope. Congrats! Eloping is THE VERY BEST way to get married if you ask me. Marriage is about YOU, the couple. Not the latest trends in wedding cakes, a fancy ballroom, & too many people telling you how to do things. Whatever your reason for eloping, I am beyond thrilled to help make your elopement a fun time & capture not only gorgeous images but also those little in-between moments showing your personalities as a couple.

What you get from working with me
permits + location planning + booking vendors + more!

If you’re planning your elopement in another destination from where you live, getting started may seem a little daunting at first. Where are you going to elope? Does your location need permits? What about officiants & other vendors you may use? How will the lighting look? I include planning assistance with every elopement, it’s hard to find a planner for your elopement & who better than a photographer who is familiar with all the aspects of the day to help you plan things out! I’ll keep in contact with you to help throughout the entire process. We can have as many planning meetings & video chats as you need to make sure everything is just right.

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I have a whole list of places I’ve scouted & have made notes on how accessible they are, what time of day is best for light, how many people are likely to be there, & what weather may be like at various times of year. Eloping somewhere I haven’t been? No worries! I have a network of hikers, bloggers, & photographers that can help me out, plus a few different programs that help me scout locations & even the light at those locations without even going there! Finding officiants & other vendors can be tough too, but luckily I know a few people. I am even starting to offer floral design for elopements!

What is an elopement?
To many people, their idea of an elopement is shameful way to get married. The meaning of an elopement has changed a lot over the years! Eloping isn’t exactly running away to get married anymore. Modern elopements have taken on a whole new meaning. Your elopement is your chance to have your wedding day be anything you want it to be. What an elopement boils down to is this- YOU. An elopement is for you. It isn’t inviting a bunch of your family’s friends that you barely know, it isn’t throwing a big party that you may not even want. You elope for you. Who is going to matter more? The opinions of friends & family, or the person you are going to spend the rest of your life with?

What do you do on an elopement?
What you do on your elopement is totally up to you! You can hike up to an alpine lake in Glacier National Park, invite a few close friends & family to hear you say your vows along the Oregon coast, or take a Jeep through some amazing canyons & find a spot for your intimate ceremony in Moab. With your elopement, you don’t have to follow traditions & you can break all the rules! If you want some ideas & suggestions, just let me know.

Why have a photographer all day at an elopement?
Having a photographer all day at your elopement will allow you to relive your entire day. And you will be able to show any friends & family that weren’t invited what an incredible time you had. Having me there for the entire day means that I can basically just be a fly on the wall. Little moments happen & I’ll be there to photograph you every time you laugh, cry, or fall on your butt! Your elopement is more than just a ceremony & a little photoshoot, it’s just the start of your lives together & it is just as important & just as deserving of amazing photos as a more traditional wedding.

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Investment & pricing information

For intimate elopements

package 01

full day of coverage for your elopement, up to 6 hours • unlimited planning assistance for help with locations, timeline, needed permits, etc • online gallery of the best images • includes all travel fees


For adventurous elopements

package 02

full day of coverage for your elopement, up to 8 hours • unlimited planning assistance for help with locations, timeline, needed permits, etc • online gallery of the best images • includes all travel fees • includes an adventure session for more fun & photos


For hiking elopements or adventure weddings

package 03

full day of coverage for your elopement, up to 10 hours • unlimited planning assistance for help with locations, timeline, needed permits, etc • online gallery of the best images • includes all travel fees • includes an adventure session for more fun & photos • includes a 20% discount off any album purchase

engagement session at Loveland Pass in Colorado
What is an adventure session?

Maybe you can't elope but you are an adventurous couple & you want some awesome photos in a beautiful location somewhere in the beautiful state of colorful Colorado to show your personalities. Adventure sessions are also great if you wanted engagement photos before your elopement. You can also use your adventure session for more photos in your wedding attire as a day after session. We can go on a hike, find a hot spring, or do whatever we may not have had time for on your wedding day.

Meet me

About me

I'm a film photographer, lover of color, frequent traveler, & adventurer. I am currently living on the western slope of Colorado in Montrose. I grew up outside & focused on landscapes & nature before I ever started with weddings & elopements. I'm also obsessed with birds & orchids!

My thoughts on LNT

Following the 7 principals of LNT (leave no trace) is very important. A lot of elopements take place in outdoor areas that are very vulnerable. We need to do our part in preserving these places not only for future generations but also for the here & now. There are some things that couples may not think about how they could impact the environment such as walking off the trail, popping champagne, & throwing plastic confetti. You may want to do these things for photos but they all can impact the environment & wildlife in negative ways. But don’t worry! There are some great alternatives.

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I was shooting landscapes before people, so I know how to capture you & the environment well!