Colorado Real Estate Photography

High-end photography for luxury properties in Colorado + beyond

Real estate in Colorado is competitive! That’s why you need your listing to stand out with high quality photos that show off the best features of the property.

As as real estate photographer in Colorado, I specialize in photographing luxury properties in Telluride, Mountain Village, Montrose, Aspen, Crested Butte, & Ouray. Each property is unique & to best showcase the features of each property, I use a variety of styles for real estate photography so potential buyers can imagine themselves there.

Colorado has a lot of beauty to offer & my photography style is bold + colorful, yet natural. I also offer twilight real estate photography to truly show off how beautiful a property can be.

Contact me to schedule real estate photography for your property! I work with real estate agents, rental agencies, commercial property owners, homeowners, & vacation rentals.

Real estate photography in Colorado of some A-frame cabins during winter with snow.

Photography for Vacation Rentals, AirBnB, & VRBO

If you have a vacation rental, you know the importance of amazing photos. When booking a vacation rental, people have to book based on the photos they see online. If the photos of your vacation rental aren’t great, you could be losing out on bookings!

Vacation rentals in western Colorado are more about just the rooms & the amazing San Juan Mountains. When I photograph vacation rentals, I have a different approach than I do to standard real estate photography. These types of properties have the amenities & features that tourists are searching for. So I’m sure to get the details & photograph the custom decor, luxurious bedding, the comfy couch with pillows, appliances provided, & all the other amenities that you provide.

I’m always happy to talk more with you & accommodate any special requests!

Real Estate Photography in Montrose, Telluride, Ouray, Crested Butte, Moab, & more!

Want to show the views of the stars or other unique features of a property? I can help with that!

Real Estate Photography Pricing & Information

Real Estate Photography for Medium-Large Sized Properties


• 45-50 images of the property & its features

• no additional travel fees for western Colorado

• high-end, custom editing of every photo

Real Estate Photography for Small-Medium Sized Properties


• 25-30 images of the property & its features

• no additional travel fees for western Colorado

• high-end, custom editing of every photo

* There are no travel fees for the Montrose, Grand Junction, Telluride, Crested Butte, Ouray, & Silverton areas in Colorado. For other areas, please ask.

Should You Invest in a Video Tour for Real Estate Listings?

  • Looking at past data from myself & others, video tours aren’t always an effective use of time or money for many listings
  • It is hard to keep even serious buyers interested in a video longer than 15-30 seconds & most buyers don’t even watch a whole video
  • Buyers of real estate properties want to be in control, with real estate photography they can take the time where they want, zoom in, & skim through the less important things to them
  • Videos can get a dozen or so views, maybe a hundred if the property is well promoted but photos are shown to get hundreds more views, or even thousands more
  • All buyers look at photos & photos are much more likely to pique their interest, they are also more likely to view a 3D tour that they can control & look around with instead of a video tour
  • Over 90% of real buyers surveyed said they did not watch video tours on listings that had them & they would not watch video tours if they were available, photos were one of the most important deciding factors for them

Meet Your Real Estate Photographer

About Me
Hey! My name is Malachi Lewis & I’m a real estate photographer based in Montrose, Colorado. I travel a lot for my photography work & would love to showcase your luxury properties through photography!

Contact Me

Malachi Lewis, a photographer, smiling and holding a camera in mountain settings with wildflowers in the background.

Contact Me for Real Estate Photography

  1. Why don't you offer other real estate media services such as video tours & 3D virtual tours?

    By specializing in real estate photography, I am able to deliver the most high quality photos that will show off your property in the best way possible. Being focused on just photography also allows me to have a fast turn around time. So many properties in Colorado also can sell so quickly just with a collection of great photographs in the listing!

  2. Do you offer any discounts?

    Not at this time. I work with a very limited number of real estate clients & take on a limited number of shoots because quality of the final photographs is so important to me.

  3. I need to book a real estate photographer ASAP, can you get me in today?

    Due to high demand for photography, I cannot always guarantee immediate availability but sometimes I do have openings! Contact me & I'll let you know my availability. I'll try to work with you as best as I can to fit you in.

  4. Do you do more than just photography for real estate?

    Yes! I offer photography for all sorts of properties, including but not limited to ranches, AirBnb & VRBO listing, vacation rentals, hotels, commercial properties, & shopping centers. I also offer headshot & branding photography for business owners.

Headshot & Branding Photography for Real Estate Agents in Colorado

I also offer headshot & branding photography for individual real estate agents, brokers, real estate teams, & other business owners. I include high end retouching services with any branding or headshot photography you book.

Rates start at $300.