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I’m a Colorado wedding photographer currently living on the western slope of Colorado. I love traveling, hiking, camping, & anything that takes me outside!

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Why I chose to pursue photography & why I think it is important

One of my favorite things to do is look through the photographs that my parents, grandparents, friends, & other family member have collected over the years. I especially love holding old prints in my hand that have stood the test of time. Our memory fades & we forget things. But when I get out photographs, those wonderful memories are rekindled when I see something familiar. Often there is a story to go with those photographs. And I love hearing those stories! One day, the photographs I take will become something from long ago to look back on.

That's why I chose to become a photographer. I love being a wedding photographer because I get to document real events & peoples' reactions & emotions. I want my photos to become your family heirlooms. I want my photographs to bring back memories one day. To remind you of your wedding day, to remind you of the days when your kids were little, to remind you of your loving grandparents who have since passed. Being a photographer isn't just an occupation for me, being a photographer is being a part of your family memories forever.

You have many wedding photographers in Colorado to choose from. What makes me different? I love bold, natural colors while still capturing beautiful, heartfelt emotions. I am a fine art film photographer with a love for adventure. Get in touch & we can talk more about your wedding!