Fun Couple’s Photography Session at Shell Creek

For quite awhile now, I’ve been wanting to do just a really fun couple’s photography session in Shell Creek. If it sounds familiar, that’s because Shell Creek is right near my home where I grew up & it is what my business is named after. Joshua & Molly were totally down for whatever, even some mud fights! I always love when couples can let loose, be themselves, & just have fun together on a photography session.

Photos in Fields of Wildflowers

We first started out in some fields of wildflowers. I have family that owns a lot of land in the area & much of it is native grasses & wildflowers which I love not only for photos but also for the environment & the native critters that call this area home. I also had some fun taking some really unique shots on film! This film is call “Psychedelic Blues” & is exposed to light to create these really unique & colorful light flares. It’s always a little bit unpredictable but can yield some fun photos.

Mud Fight & Fun Photos Down in Shell Creek

Like I said, these two were down for anything! We started out with some more intimate photos & then jumped right into the fun photos! They ran through & jumped in the water, threw mud at each other, & even laid in the muddy sand. If you’re taking engagement photos or even if you’re already married & want photos just for fun, get the pretty photos, but be sure to take some fun photos that show your personalities!


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