Hybrid Elopement Wedding at Gold Mountain Ranch in Ouray

When we first started talking about their day, Delana & Bubba told me about their ideas of a private elopement ceremony with a wedding reception at Gold Mountain Ranch in Ouray. This is such a perfect way to do something you want with just the two of you for your wedding day, while still including people that are important to you. You can have a post elopement party! Delana & Bubba wanted to feel like they were the only people around so they could focus on themselves as a couple & the celebration of their wedding day. They chose Colorado for the locations & because they love the mountains. Once they really started researching & came across Ouray, they were immediately drawn to it & had no doubts that this was the spot!

Getting Ready at Gold Mountain Ranch

Bubba & Delana started by getting together separately at Gold Mountain Ranch in Ouray. The Gold Mountain Ranch wedding venue in Ouray is such a beautiful spot to get married at or hold a reception at. There’s not a ton of wedding venue options in Ouray, but this one really takes the cake! Situated right on the side of a mountain, high up, & overlooking the quaint little mountain tow of Ouray, Colorado, this wedding venue is just in a gorgeous spot. You can get amazing views of the mountains & valleys from up here & it’s easy for guests to access. It gets them into the mountains without any off-roading or hiking required.

While Bubba & Delana were getting ready, I was photographing all of their details at Gold Mountain Ranch. I love incorporating the surroundings & the story of the day into the detail photos. Bubba actually had 2 rings. One was a generic mountain ring & the other was a custom ring of the San Juan Mountains. I absolutely love full day elopements because I feel I can really tell the story of the day through a series of images. The getting ready photos can be a huge part of that. Albums are my favorite ways to display images. When you have a full day series of images, you can have an amazing album of your wedding day to enjoy for a long long time!

Adventures in the Mountains & Private Vows

These two wanted a hybrid wedding/elopement day in Ouray. They wanted to spend a significant amount of time with just the two of them exploring in the mountains. No matter what kind of wedding day you have, I think it is soooo important to make some time during your day for just the two of you. With the whole morning & afternoon exploring with just the two of them in the mountains, Delana & Bubba were able to get some really great photos, but more importantly, spend time with each other on their wedding day. With a more “traditional” wedding day, that just doesn’t always happen.

They did some off-roading & I think Bubba was very excited to be taking his Tacoma up in these mountains! As a fellow Tacoma owner, I can definitely understand. We started by arriving at a high alpine lake off of the Million Dollar Highway outside of Ouray. I helped them set up a picnic with these amazing mountain views & very few people around. I recommended the Ouray Meat & Cheese Market to them for some good picnic & snack foods that are also local. We then headed down to a hidden waterfall & then it was time to venture up higher into the mountains for their private elopement ceremony. They wanted to say their vows with no one else around & we had to change up plans last minute, but I knew the perfect off-roading spot with epic views where I knew no one else would be. I kept my distance & shot with a long lens because they wanted their vows to be very private & I just love that. We took portraits up in the mountains & saw a herd of hundreds of sheep! Then it was time to head back to Gold Mountain Ranch in Ouray for their reception with guests.

Wedding Reception at Gold Mountain Ranch in Ouray

Their reception at Gold Mountain Ranch was just perfect. They wanted a few group photos & portraits, but other than that it was a very relaxed evening for them & their guests with some great food from Ten Six BBQ in Montrose. Jacque’s Sweet Treats did a great job with all the desserts as usual! It was a really chill evening with no structure of events. They ate, drank, roasted marshmallows, took photos under the stars, & had a celebratory exit. It really was the perfect day for them. Gold Mountain Ranch is definitely a top wedding venue recommendation from me in Ouray!

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