Alex Baptiste in his painting studio in Savannah, GA

Finding Inspiration in the Work of Alix Baptiste

Recently I made a trip down to Savannah & stumbled across the work & paintings of Alix Baptiste. His work was very inspiring for me. If you take a look at his work, it is very colorful, vibrant, upbeat, & happy. But his life wasn’t & isn’t always great.

“Garden Paradise” by Alix Baptiste

He grew up in poverty on the island of Haiti. He able able to get enough money together for his first art supplies by selling mangoes, coconuts, avocados, & sugarcane. He later was able to get to Miami, FL & became a US citizen & later moved to Savannah.

He started out as a street artist & later set up shop in the Savanah City Market. Even today he still paints with his back to the window so people can go up & watch him as he paints. And it is absolutely mesmerizing. There is such intricate detail to his paintings & they are so sharp & full of life & color. Naturally, I just had to buy some of his amazing artwork! I bought the two pieces pictured.

“Birds in Paradise” by Alix Baptiste

Finding inspiration

What inspires me about his work is that he didn’t always have the best of conditions growing up but he saw the positive & that’s what he paints. He paints the positive & the happiness & the good he saw. He paintings are full of life & color.

A lot of people don’t know this about me, but I cope with depression. And it can really bring me down.

I remember one time I was on a vacation & my depression hit me hard. I was having an amazing day, doing lots of fun things with my friends & just having a great time. Yet, inside I was just so depressed & unhappy, yet I was doing all these great things with people I loved & I still just couldn’t feel the joy. I felt so lost & lonely during that time, despite being in a great atmosphere.

Recently there has been a slight shift in my photography style. I used to be a little more ‘light & airy’ as some people call it, & my style is still like that, but I have started incorporating more boldness, color, & joy into my photography.

I want my photos to be happy, colorful, & full of life, focusing on the positive things about people. I’ve even started switching to other film stocks & using rainbow colored film to bring out even more color!


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