Platte River elopement in Nebraska | Nebraska elopement photographer | Lindsey & Kyle elope in Nebraska

Nebraska seems an unlikely place to elope. When people think of Nebraska, they think of the flat corn fields, feed lots of cattle, & not much else. I have to be honest & say that Nebraska is not my favorite place to be but there are some pretty little gems, even here in Nebraska! I wanted to show that you could still have an adventurous elopement here. Although it can be fun to go to some places like Colorado & Yosemite for some amazing views, that’s not everyone’s style. And not everyone can afford the time, effort, and/or money of a destination elopement. But you can still have a fun time & get great pictures!

I’ve had some people ask if we went to some beach on the ocean to take these pictures- nope! The Platte River has some beautiful places on it, especially when seen through the eyes of a photographer. And this isn’t my only secret little location here! I have a lot of places scoped out that would be perfect for an intimate wedding or adventurous elopement.


What a beautiful elopement! I would have never thought of going there to elope, but it is so beautiful!!

Wow wow wow!!! Love the light, such a gorgeous elopement and fun couple!

Wow!!! This Nebraska elopement is freaking gorgeous!! Your couple looks so fun and adventurous!! Great work!

Beautiful images and light for this Nebraska elopement!

What a gorgeous elopement! Platte River in Nebraska is so beautiful and gave this elopement the perfect background!

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