When I first met Virgil & Marissa, I knew we’d be a good fit. They both like to travel a lot, try new things, & go on adventures together. I’m much the same, I love spontaneous trips to the mountains of Colorado, or various national parks.

What they were most looking forward to about their wedding was celebrating THEM as a couple. Some of their friends told me that I really captured their personalities well in their engagement photos. And after getting to know them a little better, I can really see that now. Throughout the whole day I could just see how they looked at each other. They looked at each other with such love & adoration, I could definitely tell they were meant to be together.

I wanted to be sure to have enough time to get some great portraits of them as a couple on their wedding day. We went down to one of my favorite spots in downtown Omaha & got some great photos. Marissa & Virgil both told me they love the light I use & I was so happy it was a sunny day for their wedding!

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