Glacier National Park: The Perfect Elopement Destination

July 24, 2018

Lake McDonald during the fall in Glacier National Park in Montana

Elopements are quickly becoming the new way to get married. People realize they don’t need a huge celebration with people they sometimes don’t even know. Maybe a few close friends and relatives are all that are needed.

running down a hiking path in Yosemite National Park

You can get married YOUR way. For some, that might mean having an adventure wedding. You can have a typical ceremony that everyone can attend but then you might want to go to some sweet locations for some pretty epic wedding photos, & maybe say some private vows or read letters to each other.

Or it could just the two of you want to elope with very few to no guests. Then, if you want, you can have a little informal celebration when you get back home. There are so many ways to do things, you can choose what is best for you as a couple.

And guess what? You can save a lot of money when you elope! Your expenses may only include travel costs, elopement photography, a dress & suit, & videography & florals (if you even choose these).

So why choose Glacier National Park for your elopement location? First off, it is a little bit more of an underrated park, so the crowds are so much less. Which means less people who may interrupt your ceremony & less people in the background of your photos. Yosemite & Rocky Mountain National Park are both super popular elopement locations right now. With epic views like at Taft Point or Glacier Point, you can’t go wrong, but what the photos often don’t show are the ridiculous amount of crowds that are usually there. Glacier is so huge & so spread out that it is so much easier to get away from the national park crowds.

Second, the views are freaking amazing! I know the park inside out and have been to every area and part of the park. It doesn’t matter where you go, there are some pretty epic views. The Logan Pass & Hidden Lake areas are some of my favorite spots. Two Medicine & Kintla Lake have some pretty great views of lakes with mountainous backgrounds. Lake McDonald does too but it can be quite a bit more crowded.

Now, I’m not going to give away any of my specific or secret locations though! Just trust that if you hire me for an elopement or adventure wedding in GNP, you’re going to get amazing photos at some of the best locations. And if you’re down for a hiking elopement, you can get even better views even further from all the people!

But what do you need to do to legally get married in Glacier National Park or in Montana? Definitely check out this link for more information on the specific permits & fees needed for getting married in Glacier. For more information on marriage licenses in Montana, check out this link. If you need help or have questions about permits, locations, times, vendors, travel, officiants, or anything else, get in touch and let me know! I would absolutely love to help with planning your elopement.

sunset at two medicine lake in Glacier National Park


I’ve been dying to get to Glacier National Park and these photos look so cool! Definitely the perfect destination for an elopement


Wow, looks like Glacier National park is a perfect place for engagement and photography sessions!

This is a MAGICAL place to elope. I think this is a deal of a lifetime for someone wanting to elope in Glacier National Park. Your work is beautiful!

yes yes and yes! I would die to elope here at the Glacier National park! It’s freaking beautiful!

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