The Heart Behind my Business & Why I do What I do

January 11, 2018

Small businesses need to have a why to succeed. If there isn’t a why you’ll give up & lose your how. Eventually you won’t accomplish what needs to be done & what you want to do. I have personal reasons for the why behind my photography business. I have always loved photography, I just never saw it as a viable business that I could actually do and be successful at.

adventure elopement photographer in Colorado | Malachi at Shell Creek Photography

Life is short & with my photography business I get to document some of the greatest memories people have. My grandparents died when I was fairly young & sometimes I really wish I had more pictures of them. One of my main personal goals is to document the lives of my friends, family, & other people around me.

Things change and life happens. Photos freeze moments & memories, and looking back on those photos brings back memories and tears and laughter. I love to document events & things that are happening in the moment.

I’ve also been doing more documentary video with both my clients & with my personal work. I’ve even started experimenting with super 8 film videos. Just the other day I got a projector and got to watch some of my grandparents old 8mm videos. I love how videos can show movements & more emotions. Combining both video & photos, the big moments in your life (and all the little ones in between!) can be effectively preserved & remembered. But don’t forget to PRINT your photos!

You can also read about some inspiration & more about my photography style.


Great read, love reading other business owner’s purpose!