3 Tips for a Less Stressful Wedding

Your wedding day can bring a lot of stress, both before and during the big day. But I’ve been to enough weddings to know that as long as you say ‘I do’ everything will turn out fine!

Just remember the most important thing about your wedding day is not the dress, flowers, party, family, or pictures. The most important thing about your wedding day is marrying the person you love.

Keep this in mind on your wedding day. Things happen, your day might not go perfectly according to schedule, but always remember the wedding is just one day, focus on making a long happy life together.

But I’ve put together a few tips to help you stay sane on your wedding day…

1. Hire a planner

A good wedding planner or coordinator will help the day run SO much smoother. Whether you hire them for day of planning or for a more extended period of time, a planner knows what they are doing and will help you remain on schedule without added stress. They have experience planning multiple weddings and dealing with a variety of scenarios that may arise. Don’t underestimate a great wedding planner!

2. Don’t do everything yourself

Your bridesmaids and groomsmen should be chosen not because you think you have to include so-and-so in your wedding. They should be good friends and reliable friends. Your wedding party should be able to be relied upon to help you and carry out certain duties as needed. Your parents and other trusted guests, friends, and family members can also be a huge help leading up to your wedding and on the day of. Advance planning goes a long way.

3. Elope!

An elopement can be so fun and much less stressful than a full-blown wedding. You don’t necessarily have to go to some exotic, far away location to elope, although destination elopements can be fun too! A great elopement photographer can go a long way in making your elopement look special, no matter what the location is- even if it is just the courthouse. If you want to elope but still want to celebrate with friends and family, consider having an elopement reception, it can be a fun, casual way to celebrate that won’t take as much planning or cost as much.

I offer my best wishes to all the couples out there!


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