adventure elopement on a river with a floral arch made from driftwood | Nebraska elopement photographer

Nebraska Elopement on the Platte River in Summer

Nebraska seems an unlikely place to elope. When people think of Nebraska, they think of the flat corn fields, feed lots of cattle, & not much else. I have to be honest & say that Nebraska is not my favorite place to be but there are some pretty little gems, even here in Nebraska! I wanted to show that you could still have an adventurous elopement here. Although it can be fun to go to some places like Colorado & Yosemite for some amazing views, that’s not everyone’s style. And not everyone can afford the time, effort, and/or money of a destination elopement. But you can still have a fun time & get great pictures!

I’ve had some people ask if we went to some beach on the ocean to take these pictures, nope! The Platte River has some beautiful places on it, especially when seen through the eyes of a photographer. And this isn’t my only secret little location here! I have a lot of places scoped out that would be perfect for a small wedding or adventurous elopement.


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