Adventure Wedding in the Mountains of Ouray & at Gold Mountain

When Cadi & Henry first reached out to me, they were clearly excited for & had a vision for an intimate adventure wedding somewhere in the mountains. They weren’t quite sure yet on the exact place they wanted to go to & were deciding between Colorado, Wyoming, & Montana. Despite the quickly approaching date, they were determined to bring their dream to life & I was full of ideas to help! Their plan was to blend the essence of an elopement with the joy of having their closest loved ones present to witness their vows & share in their festivities. Inspired by my photos of intimate weddings in Jackson Hole & elopements in Colorado, they envisioned a similar vibe for their own special day.

Cadi & Henry finally landed on Gold Mountain Ranch in Ouray, Colorado. I’m not over exaggerating when I say this is one of my favorite wedding venues in one of my favorite mountain towns of Colorado! Ouray is located in western Colorado & this venue just might be the best in Ouray. Gold Mountain Ranch overlooks the town & is perched high up on the side of a mountain.

Cadi & Henry’s love story began almost like a romance movie—in the airport, meeting as strangers. Henry first noticed Cadi walking around the airport, & then saw her again at his gate. They then boarded the same plane! They ended up sitting together & what started as a chance encounter turned into the beginning of a beautiful adventure together.

Getting Ready & a First Touch at Gold Mountain Ranch

Before their big adventure wedding & Jeeping in the mountains, Cadi & Henry enjoyed a slow, meaningful morning getting ready for their day at Gold Mountain Ranch. The ranch offered an ideal blend of charming interior spaces & mountain views just outside the doors. The day started with quiet moments in these beautiful surroundings, allowing them to soak in the anticipation and excitement.

As they prepared separately, Cadi & Henry shared a tender first touch, holding hands around a corner & exchanging heartfelt words while saving the magic of the first look for the ceremony. This intimate moment, set against the serene atmosphere of Gold Mountain Ranch, reflected their deep connection & set the tone for a day filled with relaxation & anticipation, leading to an unforgettable adventure in the mountains.

Adventure Wedding Ceremony in the Mountains of Ouray

Cadi & Henry had an absolutely gorgeous wedding ceremony location in the mountains of Ouray. I helped them choose a wedding ceremony location that would be accessible in spring at higher elevations, because even in June, there’s still snow to be found in the mountains! Colorado West Jeeps transported them & their guests up to this beautiful mountain valley. Surrounded by tall peaks & bright green aspens, Cadi & Henry said their personal vows in front of their friends & family. Afterwards, they had an AMAZING catered picnic at this remote meadow. Honestly, it was such a fun way to celebrate & enjoying great views with these beautiful views was truly special. After spending some time getting ready at Gold Mountain Ranch & having their ceremony, it was time to go off on an adventure! We headed up to even higher elevations & were able to find snow in the passes around Ouray.

Reception at Gold Mountain Ranch in Ouray

Let’s just say that Cadi & Henry’s wedding reception at Gold Mountain was nothing short of gorgeous. They had an amazing cake, beautiful florals all throughout, a mobile bar parked outside, & overall just had a ton of fun with each other & with their guests– & I was there to capture it all!

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