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Why Did I Become a Photographer?

So why did I become a photographer? How did I start? I always loved pictures & anything artistic. I started out drawing. I didn’t have tablets or smartphones and I didn’t watch much TV when I was young. I was always outside & if I wasn’t outside I was inside drawing.

I started out with the little disposable film cameras, but I used the film in those up in no time at all. So I moved on to the cameras that have the ability for the film to be replaced. Year after year I wore out the cheap cameras that my parents got me.

I kept upgrading cameras & learning more about composition and technique. I learned my cameras very well & now since I’ve gone through so many cameras I can pretty much pick up any camera or camera phone and use it skillfully.

But why? Why did I want to become a photographer? Photography can capture a real moment, how it really looked, & preserve it forever. I’ve lost many pets & families members in death. My photos bring back memories, I’m glad that I’ve had a camera my whole life. I can look back and see & remember the beloved people and animals that I’ve lost. It brings tears & happy memories.

I never thought of starting a photography business. Friends & family saw my work and started asking me to do their photos and that’s how I learned. Then a photography business was born when others starting asking. I took courses & went to workshops to learn skills & artistic techniques & lighting equipment.

Now I am developing my own style & technique as I grow as a photographer, but I still love to gain inspiration from others.. I still like photos the old fashioned way, capturing a real moment and preserving it forever. That’s why I use Photoshop only on a minimal basis as artistically needed.

I want to give your photos an authentic feel but make your look your best.

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