Why Elope?

More & more couples are choosing elopements over traditional weddings, why?

I truly believe eloping is the best way of getting married. The wedding industry has commercialized marriage. But weddings should get back to basics, they’ve become more about the decorations, impressive venues, party buses, & large guest lists. But what weddings miss is that they should be about you. Elopements are just that! A fun, beautiful celebration all about you– the couple.

Bride and groom hiking on a boardwalk in Grand Teton National Park after sunrise.

What is the top reason most couples elope?

A large traditional wedding can be expensive, stressful, & a lot of work. But did you know that most couples who chose to elope don’t elope for those reasons. The top reason couples choose to elope is to have a wedding day where they can truly focus on their connection with each other.

Imagine a wedding day where you aren’t rushed, you don’t have to hurry from getting ready to a bunch of posed pictures. You don’t have do all the things that are “tradition”.

Why should YOU elope? Every couple is going to have different reasons to elope. But when you experience what an adventure elopement can be, you’ll want to tell everyone about how amazing your day was & they’ll want to elope too!

What have other couples said about their weddings or elopements?

Want to hear more about what other real couples have said about their weddings & elopements? Read more about what these real couples I interviewed said about what they liked, what they would have changed, & what regrets some of them had.

Bride's hiking boots with a wedding dress and a backpack.

You do you!
Don’t be afraid to be different.

When couples choose to elope for whatever reason, I know it is a deeply personal decision & I know you won’t regret it! Don’t limit yourself to what you think the marriage & wedding traditions should be. Break all the rules! Get married in a black dress, skip the church wedding, have a wild bouquet, get your dog to sign your marriage license, & say your vows anywhere that inspires you!