Nathan & Janet kinda met via Instagram, they followed each other for quite a while & finally decided to meet up in Tucson. They became friends & remained that way for about a year. Coming from two very different backgrounds, a Midwest guy from Nebraska & an Arizona girl from the desert, they had their wedding in Arizona. Though coming from different backgrounds & cultures, they found that they had a lot in common. They make each other laugh & have fun together. Nathan & Janet like to travel, love the beach & going to movies, & love their friends and family a lot.

One thing I noticed about Nathan & Janet’s wedding was the close relationships they had with their friends & family. It made a big wedding feel like an intimate one. And their dance floor was PACKED the whole night! Two great bands kept the party going at the Savoy Opera House. During portraits in the desert, we caught some bad weather & everyone had to rush back to the vehicles! It poured that night, but it doesn’t rain that much in Tucson! It was a fun wedding full of good times celebrating with friends and family.


Man not gonna lie shooting film in the desert is freeking mágic! Those tones are the most beautiful with that gorgeous AZ light. Lovely work!!

Savannah Chandler

I absolutely love the colors you achieved with film at this destination wedding in Arizona. Beautiful work.

Lisa Fitts Photography

This Arizona wedding sure looks so pretty in film! The colors and tones are perfectly pastel I love colors of the desert beautiful images!

I’m loving these beautiful desert tones. A destination wedding in the Arizona sounds like a dream!

Love this wedding! Arizona looks like the perfect place to have a destination wedding and love that you shot it on film! So beautiful!

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