Super 8mm Video + Film Photography

Imagine your wedding video, teeming with the unique character only super 8mm film can provide. Or the uniqueness your wedding photos could have with film photography. The subtle imperfections & quirks add an irreplaceable charm, creating a bridge to the cherished memories of past generations. It’s more than just film; it’s a little piece of personalized history, linking your special day to the romantic tales of your parents or grandparents.

Every Special Moment Captured on Film

Capturing the essence of your love story through the lens of my camera is not just my passion, it’s a celebration of every little moment that makes your day unforgettable. I specialize in the timeless charm of super 8mm film, a medium that resonates with the warmth & authenticity of film photography.

Let’s craft a wedding day that not only leave you with fun memories but does so with the elegance & nostalgia of super 8mm film & film photography.

In an era dominated by the digital, film offers a tangible, timeless elegance that connects us to the essence of storytelling. evoking a sense of nostalgia & warmth that digital formats cannot always replicate. It’s an invitation to preserve your most cherished moments in a format that transcends time, creating a legacy piece that will be treasured for generations.

Joshua & Molly’s Intimate Backyard Wedding shot on Super 8mm

These two planned a small, romantic backyard wedding with just their close friends & family.

5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
“Malachi, thank you from the bottom of my heart for spending your valuable time working on this. You did a fantastic job! I will forever cherish this video. Thank you. I’m humbled that you spent the biggest day of our lives with us. We have no words! This is exactly the style we wanted!”
Joshua & Molly

Lucas & Laura’s Colorado Vow Renewal shot on Super 8mm

Lucas & Laura planned on a spring vow renewal in the mountains, but it dumped snow on us in Rocky Mountain National Park.

Meet Malachi, Your Super 8mm Film Videographer + Film Photographer

Hello! I’m Malachi Lewis from Shell Creek Photography. There’s something truly magical about weaving love stories with the vintage charm of super 8mm film & film photography. Reflecting on the treasured videos & photos from my grandparents’ era, I was captivated by the warmth & authenticity that only super 8mm & film photography could convey.

The medium of film brings a touch of nostalgia & unique beauty to every frame, celebrating those little imperfections that make each moment genuinely yours.

Super 8mm & film photography create a distinctive art form that is not suited for every couple or celebration. However, if you are drawn to exploring this unique way of capturing your wedding or elopement, I’d love to chat & discover if I’m the perfect match to bring your vision to life!


Pricing for Super 8mm Wedding Films

As each love story is unique, so is the investment in preserving these memories. The nature of shooting on film means providing you with a tailored quote that reflects your specific desires & needs from your wedding day video on super 8. On average, a full wedding video package starts around $4000. For my photography clients, I offer basic video as an addition to your package starting at $2000. Let’s connect & discuss how we can immortalize your love story in an artistic way!


  • Super 8mm film
  • Backed up on digital
  • Audio recording
  • Highlight video


  • Digital video
  • Additional videos
  • Physical reel of film
  • Travel


$2000 when added onto photography

$4000 when booked just for video

Film Photography

There are so many different types of film that all render colors & tones differently. Whether you’re someone who knows what you want from film & you’d like me to shoot specific film stocks or if you don’t know as much about film but want these timeless images, I offer film photography as an add-on service to wedding & elopement packages.

Add on as many rolls of film as you’d like starting at $50/roll + you can keep the negatives if you’d like!


Couples who love the timeless & sometimes imperfect look of film photography

Have Your Wedding Day Shot on Film

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