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Editing & culling services

Editing services are basic Lightroom edits and include color correction, cropping, straightening, and basic retouching. I will edit to match your style and can match digital to film scans. Turnaround time is 7-14 days for a full wedding of 800-1000 images, portrait sessions vary with the amount of images. | $0.30 per image for editing & $0.05 per image for culling 

Mentor sessions for photographers

I offer personalized group and one on one mentoring and learning sessions and will help you with whatever it is you desire to learn. Since everyone has different wants and needs, contact me with more details of what you’d like to learn and I’ll customize something to your needs- whether you just want to learn the manual settings of your camera or if you’d like a full day of learning with a styled shoot. Sometimes I also allow people to shadow me or assist me on a shoot or wedding.

Album design

While some photographers hate it, I love designing albums! Just let me know your album design company & any specifications & I can get you a design. Or if you don’t offer albums but your clients are looking for someone who does, refer them to me as I can work with them through the entire process, from album design all the way through ordering & delivery.

Second shooting

I have second shot a lot of different weddings for a lot of different photographers. Check out the links below for some of the different people I’ve worked for. I also am always on the lookout for second shooters to work for me. Also, if you are newer to weddings, I invite you to reach out because I may have some weddings that you can shoot for your portfolio or I may need assistance if you’d like to see how I run a wedding day.


I'm a photographer based in Colorado & booking in destinations all over. Reach out for more information on editing services, mentoring, album design, or virtual assistance!

Montrose, Colorado wedding photographer

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What will I learn during mentoring sessions?

I can customize something to you. What do you have questions about? Is it the business side of things or photography techniques? Or maybe you're interested in film photography.

How experienced are you?

I have had experience with 120+ weddings & countless other sessions. I have been doing wedding & portrait portrait photography for 5+ years & landscape & nature photography for 10+ years. I've continued my photography education through many classes & workshops.

How long does the album design or photo editing take?

Most album design & editing jobs take up to a week although the timeline can vary depending on the time of year. I do get more editing & album design to do during the busier photography seasons so contact me soon!

portrait of Malachi Lewis, a Nebraska wedding photographer
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