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Adventure elopement photographer in the Sierra Nevada Mountains of California.

Mentor Sessions for Photographers

I offer personalized group and one on one mentoring and learning sessions and will help you with whatever it is you desire to learn. Since everyone has different wants and needs, contact me with more details of what you’d like to learn & I’ll customize something to your needs- whether you just want to learn more about SEO on your website or if you’d like a full day of learning with a styled shoot!

Starting at $150/hour

SEO & Blog Writing for Photographers

You know you need to be better about updating your website & you want to up your SEO game. How do blog posts help with your SEO? Well written blog posts on a variety of topics help you catch people when they are in the early stages of looking for a photographer. A blog post on the best wedding venues in your city can help showcase your expertise to local couples early on in their wedding planning process. Or a blog post on maternity date night ideas can help you get the attention of those planning a family. There are an endless amount of topics that you can have written just depending on who your client is.

Starting at $300

A Blog for Photographers

Read more tips, tricks, & advice on the blog

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