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Seeing light & creating feelings photography Recently I've been thinking a lot about what makes me different. After all, you have so many wonderful photographers to pick from. Every year there are more & more photographers. Some start chargi... READ MORE How to elope in Rocky Mountain National Park + how to elope in other national parks for brides How to elope in some popular national parks Eloping in a national park is one of the best things for many reasons! You get some of the best & most unique views in the world in many of the various... READ MORE My approach to weddings, beyond photography for brides What can you expect from me when your hire me as your wedding photographer? Well, you get more than just a photographer that can take nice pictures in good light. I have shot over 50 weddings just thi... READ MORE Tips for visiting the Magnolia Market at the Silos in Waco, Texas travel The Magnolia Market at the Silos is a very popular destination to visit if you're going through Waco, Texas. If you're going through, like I was on my way to Austin, I'd say it is definitely a pla... READ MORE Austin, Texas: what to see, where to go, & what to eat travel Collect moments, not things. I never regret spending money on travel, especially when I get to see good friends. Austin, Texas is a cool place but it was a lot bigger than I was expecting. It is a cit... READ MORE Glacier National Park: the perfect elopement destination for brides Elopements are quickly becoming the new way to get married. People realize they don't need a huge celebration with people they sometimes don't even know. Maybe a few close friends and relatives ar... READ MORE Finding inspiration in the work of Alix Baptiste personal Recently I made a trip down to Savannah & stumbled across the work & paintings of Alix Baptiste. His work was very inspiring for me. If you take a look at his work, it is very colorful, vibran... READ MORE Arizona road trip travel I was finally able to make my way back down to Arizona again when I shot Nathan & Janet's wedding in Tucson. My best friends & I made a road trip out of it & were able to visit a few amazi... READ MORE The philosophy behind elopements today + tips for planning your elopement for brides What does 'elope' mean? Elopements are no longer just something that people do to run away & get married. Today's elopements take place in beautiful locations with careful planning & design. ... READ MORE All about my albums products I absolutely love albums! I think they are one of the best ways to show off your photos. You can have a large amount of photos in a smaller amount of space & you can leave an album sitting out on ... READ MORE