The Ultimate Guide to Eloping in Glacier National Park in Montana

Glacier National Park is one of those amazing locations that looks like something out of another world. It’s a “heaven on earth” kind of place where you fall in love with the location instantly. The snow-capped mountains, lush green valleys, & clear, blue waters make for some amazing scenery for a wedding or elopement in Montana. If you’re having a Glacier National Park elopement, follow these guidelines for permits, weather, safety, & location ideas for an amazing wedding day in Montana.

Wedding Permits for Glacier National Park

If you want to elope & marry in Glacier National Park, you need to have a special use permit. I suggest starting the permitting process at least 30 days before your date but the sooner the better. You can contact the park office before submitting your application to inquire about availability for your date or location. The park office can be contacted at 406-888-7832. The application for a special use permit form is to be completed in full and returned. The application for this special use permit form costs $100.

Your permit will serve as documentation of the agreement regarding the terms & conditions under which use of the park will be approved. The park office will mail you when they approve your request. You will need to sign & return the permit to the park at least 10 business days before the wedding takes place, but the sooner you can turn it in the better!

I highly recommend getting married on a weekday at sunrise or sunset. There are not a lot of tourists on weekdays, thus leaving enough space for you to explore, have some private time, & take awesome photos. Morning and evening are the two best times of the day to elope. The natural light is just magical during these times. It not only is it a great time of day for photos but it is so romantic! Being able to watch the sun rise or sleet is definitely worth rising early or staying up a little later, it just adds a little something special to an already special day.

Please note: There are a variety of locations to choose from for your wedding in Glacier National Park! But each location does have it’s own restrictions & amount of guests that the location can handle. View the full location document from the park here.

This is the view of Lake McDonald at sunrise from one of the designated ceremony locations

Need a Glacier National Park Elopement Photographer?

I’d love to help! I offer full day adventure elopement packages & multi-day backpacking elopement packages in Glacier National Park. As a specialized elopement photographer, I’m here to help you with permits, choosing the best time of year, picking locations, finding lodging options, connecting you with other vendors, & so much more. Think of it like planning services + photography all wrapped into one. Contact me to talk more about your elopement in Montana or view more pricing.

Malachi Lewis, an elopement photographer, stands in the mountains in front of a rainbow.

Times of Year for the Best Weather

There is always a possibility of unforeseen weather conditions during the wedding. The weather comes fast through those mountains! If you want the best weather, I recommend that you get married at any time during July or August. These months experience the best weather conditions in Glacier National Park. The daylight seems like it is almost never ending. Additionally, there is a minimal chance of rain during this time. I would also say that May & June can also be good times to elope in Glacier National Park because the mountains are full of flowers with greenery all around. I do have to say though, the Going to the Sun Road Usually isn’t open until July.

Mid July & August are perfect months for lots of greenery & wildflowers in Glacier

September and October are also options, but there is a better chance of rain, or even snow in the high country. However, you will also be able experience the beautiful hues of the fall during this time. Winter is also beautiful but very cold. A winter elopement can be had in the park, you’ll just need to take other factors into consideration. Keep in mind that one of the best attractions in the park, Going to the Sun Road, is closed during much of the year. It is usually open starting in late June or early July. But there can still be a lot of snow at the pass. The snow on top of Logan Pass isn’t usually gone until late July or August. And the road will usually close again once the snow gets to be too much, usually sometime in October, it just depends on the year.

Safety in Glacier National Park

Glacier is true wilderness country & should be treated as such. Bears are very common in the park. Black bears are usually nothing to be worried about but grizzly bears can pose more of a threat. If you’ve never been in bear country before, it really isn’t anything to fear, there are just certain precautions you should take.

Bears & Other Wildlife in Glacier

You never want to leave food unattended while adventuring around in Glacier National Park. Always make sure someone in the group is carrying bear spray & knows how to use it. Just being aware of your surroundings & traveling in a small group will usually be enough. Read more about bear safety on the GNP website. You also have to be aware of other animals, many times it’s not the bears that are aggressive. The large herbivores like elk or moose can get even more aggressive than bears at times. Part of leave no trace & elopements is giving animals their space. It protects both you & them.

You can view wildlife during your elopement in Glacier National Park

Weather & Mountain Safety in Montana

You also want to keep in mind that the weather comes fast & hard in the mountains. Be prepared for anything. I give my couples an elopement gear guide to help with what to wear during your elopement, keeping warm, dealing with rain, & specific links to some of my favorite products.

Best Elopement Locations in Glacier National Park

Montana is home to some of the most beautiful locations that you could have your wedding at. Eloping in Glacier is a dream for many couples & I’m here to help you plan & make that dream a reality! You need to choose a location where you so can organize everything properly & fill out your special use permit for eloping in Glacier National Park. Here are some of the best wedding locations in Glacier National Park in Montana.

Hidden Lake at Logan Pass in Glacier National Park.

Sunrise at Hidden Lake at Logan Pass

Logan Pass

With lush green valleys & mountains in the background, I would highly recommend this place for your wedding ceremony or just to explore. There is an amazing array of wildflowers if you go at the right time of year. And the streams & waterfalls make this place magical. It experiences high demand during July & August & is usually best experienced at sunrise or sunset if you want more privacy. If you’re having guests, you can arrange a Glacier Jammer Bus to take your guests to the top of Logan Pass. This location is ideal for some of the most beautiful wedding photos & breathtaking views.

Many Glacier

Many Glacier has many jaw-dropping mountains & gorgeous, blue alpine lakes. In July and August, you can experience lush green mountains with sometimes still a bit of snow on the peaks. The beautiful fields full of white flowers provide a beautiful contrast to the green surroundings. You can also rent a canoe & take it out in the lake. Many Glacier is the area where I tend to see the most wildlife, especially black & grizzly bears along with moose. Last time I was there, I saw 9 grizzly bears in just 1 hour! Certain parts of Many Glacier close during portions of the year due to heavy bear activity.

Grinnell Lake in Many Glacier in Glacier National Park.
Grinnell Lake in the Many Glacier area

Lake McDonald

Lake McDonald is easier to access than the two above locations & can be accessed even in bad weather conditions. The pristine waters of the lake, colorful rocks along the shore, & the magical sunsets & sunrises make it such a dreamy location for weddings. You can find several suitable spots on the shore for your wedding ceremony. Lake McDonald is a more accessible location for eloping in Glacier National Park & has more access for more guests, if needed.

Polebridge & Northfork

The Polebridge & North Fork areas have more of the rocky & jagged peaks. It has many rocky peaks after traveling along dirt roads. This location is rather calm & quiet & doesn’t attract a lot of the crowds you find in other areas. If you plan your wedding here, be sure take a trip to the Polebridge Mercantile’s Huckleberry Bear Claws. It is one of my favorite places in Glacier National Park.

West Glacier

West Glacier is known for it’s lush greenery & temperate rain forests. The ground here is covered in beautiful mosses that create a massive carpet over the forest floor. West Glacier encompasses many areas such as Lake McDonald. Avalanche Lake is a beautiful location for an elopement in Glacier & it isn’t too hard of a hike. On the way, you’ll pass through temperate rain forests covered in moss & walk along the top of a beautiful gorge where the creek runs down from the lake.

East Glacier

With the locations surrounded by massive peaks, waterfalls, & lakes, it provides the perfect combination of all the colors in the fall. It is a very pretty place for wedding ceremonies but can be windy at times. West Glacier has a lot more greenery, mosses, & wetlands whereas East Glacier is drier. East Glacier has more open spaces & grassland areas along with expansive lakes.

Sunset at Two Medicine Lake in Glacier National Park.

Sunset at Two Medicine Lake

Two Medicine

Two Medicine has become a somewhat off the beaten path discovery for most visitors to Glacier National Park. Once many people discover this little hidden gem, it’s easy to see why it becomes a favorite! There are amazing views of the mountains right as you drive in towards the lakes, endless hiking trails to take you far away, & many waterfalls throughout the area. You could even take a relaxing boar tour on the lake!

Glacier National Park Elopement Packages

Montana is such an amazing place to elope & Glacier National Park is truly the jewel of Montana & the “crown of the continent”! Be sure to contact me for full pricing & more information. I include unlimited planning assistance for every elopement I photograph. What exactly does planning assistance entail? I help you with getting permits & how to fill it out with the best times for each location in Glacier, finding the best locations for you & if you have guests, helping you plan for where & when there will be less tourists around, gear that you should bring, tips on what you can include in your ceremony, activity ideas for the rest of the day, recommendations for other vendors such as florists or hair & makeup artists in Montana, where to stay, the best places to fly into for your elopement in Glacier, planning out your timeline for a stress-free day, coordinating with any guests, best places to hike & other things to do, & so much more! Just think of me as your ultimate elopement planning partner. Whatever you need, whatever questions you have, I’m here to help make your Glacier National Park elopement an amazing experience.

A couple who eloped in Glacier National Park overlooks a lake at sunrise.

With so many locations, it can be hard to choose the one that you love the most for eloping in Glacier National Park! As a Glacier National Park elopement photographer, I offer my couples guidance & planning services along with photography. I can help you decide where, what time of year, & what time of day would be best for your needs. I hope my recommendations can help you plan an incredible wedding in Glacier National Park! Check out my blog for more elopement planning tips. Still considering other national parks for your elopement? Learn more about how to elope in a national park.

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