Malachi Lewis- a California elopepement photographer standing under an arch in Alabama Hills at sunrise.

Shell Creek Photography: the Story Behind the Name

So why the name Shell Creek Photography? Shell Creek Photography is my elopement photography business based in western Colorado. My focus is on providing adventurous couples with the freedom to celebrate their love in their own unique way, without feeling pressure to fit into traditional wedding norms. The name is inspired by Shell Creek near the house where I grew up, which was a place of escape & freedom for me. I want to provide couples with a similar sense of freedom & connection to nature on their special day.

My Mission

My mission is to help couples create a wedding day that is uniquely their own, free from societal pressures to conform to traditional wedding norms. I want couples to feel free to love who they want, celebrate the way they want, & say their vows in a way that feels authentic to them. The name, Shell Creek Photography, is inspired by the creek near the house where I grew up. Shell Creek was a place where I could escape from the pressures of fitting into a box & be alone with nature. I want to provide couples with a similar sense of escape & freedom on their amazing, one-of-a-kind wedding days.

At Shell Creek Photography, I believe that elopements are about the couple & their love for each other, not about pleasing others or fitting into traditional wedding expectations. I encourage my clients to embrace their uniqueness & celebrate their love in a way that is meaningful to them. My photography style reflects this philosophy by capturing candid, intimate moments between the couple & the nature around them. I strive to create images that are authentic, emotional, & reflective of the couple’s personalities & relationships.

My business is rooted in the values of freedom, authenticity, & connection to nature. I believe that nature has a way of bringing out the best in people & creating a sense of peace & tranquility. I want the couples I work with to feel that sense of connection with each other in nature on their special day. I also believe in the power of freedom, both in the sense of being free to express yourself & in the sense of being free from societal pressures to conform. The name Shell Creek Photography reflects these values by evoking a sense of escape, freedom, & connection to nature.

I want to capture the unique connection between adventurous couples, allowing moments to unfold naturally & allowing couples to be themselves. I don’t have a set of poses or preconceived ideas in mind – instead, I embrace the uniqueness of each couple & their love for each other. Whether they are shy, outgoing, or anything in between, I believe that every couple deserves to have their authentic connection captured in a way that reflects their personalities & relationship.

Nothing is really ever lost to us as long as we remember it.

L. M. Montgomery

Life is constantly changing & every moment deserves to be remembered. Photos can encapsulate those memories so that they can be revisited for years to come. I am passionate about documenting the beauty & raw emotions of life as they happen, from the big milestones to the everyday moments that make life special. The bold & dynamic approach I take to photography ensures that every moment is captured in a way that truly reflects the energy & spirit of the moment.

Couple’s photography session at Shell Creek in Nebraska

More than Just Photography

I offer a comprehensive elopement experience that goes beyond just taking photographs. As an experienced elopement expert, I believe that creating a connection between couples is about more than just capturing beautiful images – it’s about ensuring that every aspect of the elopement is designed to reflect the couple’s unique vision & values. From location scouting to obtaining necessary permits & creating a seamless timeline, I am committed to helping you with all the details of your day so that couples can focus on each other & enjoy a stress-free elopement experience. My passion for adventure & freedom drives me to help couples break free from traditional wedding expectations & celebrate their love in a way that reflects who they are. You can trust me to help you create an unforgettable elopement experience that captures the spirit of your love story!

My job here at Shell Creek Photography is to foster & capture connection. Your elopement is your way to create a wedding day where you can truly connect with each other. Let’s talk more about what your elopement day can be!


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