Malachi Lewis at Shell Creek Photography in Moab, Utah

Shell Creek Photography: the Story Behind the Name

So why the name Shell Creek Photography? I’ve had many times over the years that I’ve thought about rebranding & completely changing my business name to something else. But I could just never let go why? The name Shell Creek Photography is about connection for me.


Why is connection important in what I do? I specialize in elopement photography in Colorado, Utah, & beyond. Elopements get back to what a wedding should be all about. The connection between a couple is important & sometimes a big wedding can diminish that. It’s all fun & great to celebrate with friends & family, but your wedding day should be about you. You can still celebrate with your friends & family after your elopement.

As a photographer specializing in couples, I look to capture the connection between couples. I don’t have a set of poses or something in mind that I need to create. I like to let moments unfold & allow couples to be themselves. I’ve photographed couples that are shy, outgoing, adventurous, calm, crazy, & everything in between. The connection between couples is always unique & that makes each session & each wedding unique.

Not only is the connection between the couple important, but the connection between the couple & I is important. We need to feel comfortable with each other to work well together. I work well with all sorts of different couples but it’s always important to be able to go with the flow with adventure sessions & elopements.

With my photography & elopements, I also look to create a connection between couples & nature, as well as a connection between my self & nature. That’s why reducing the impact that I have, getting the proper permits, and leaving no trace and elopements are all so important to me. We need to leave these beautiful outdoor areas better than we found the. That doesn’t just mean not littering & staying on the trail, but also picking up litter we find & kindly educating others.

Life is short & with my photography business I get to document some of the greatest memories people have. My grandparents died when I was fairly young & sometimes I really wish I had more pictures of them. One of my main personal goals is to document the lives of my friends, family, & other people around me.

Things change and life happens. Photos freeze moments & memories, and looking back on those photos brings back memories and tears and laughter. I love to document events & things that are happening in the moment.

I’ve also been doing more documentary video with both my clients & with my personal work. I’ve even started offering super 8 film videos. Just the other day I got a projector and got to watch some of my grandparents old 8mm videos. I love how videos can show movements & more emotions. Combining both video & photos, the big moments in your life (and all the little ones in between!) can be effectively preserved & remembered.

blue alpine lake in Colorado

These beautiful areas deserve our respect & protection!

My Connection to Shell Creek

So what is the deal with connection & Shell Creek? I grew up in the country near a creek called Shell Creek. We could walk to it from our house & used to ride our horses down into the creek. Along with my brother & sisters, we’ve had many, many mud fights in Shell Creek!

Shell Creek is my connection to home. It’s my connection to friends & family. Not everyone’s connections in life are the same. And not everyone has an amazing family like I do. But everyone has special connections to certain people, places, & things. Our connections make our lives special.

kids at Shell Creek in Nebraska

Me, my brother, & sisters at Shell Creek a few years ago

More than Just Photography

To create connection with elopements, you need to have a great experience all around. I am more than just a photographer. You can think of me as an elopement experience creator. I help with all sorts of things relating to elopements. I help with location scouting & finding the perfect location or locations for a ceremony & photos, as well as making sure it is accessible if you’re having guests. I’ll help you get the needed permits. Creating a timeline & planning the logistics of the day is another thing I’ll help with. Whatever your needs are with your elopement, I can help. I’m an elopement planner & I’m excited to help many more couple elope!

Malachi Lewis at Shell Creek Photography in Moab, Utah

My job here at Shell Creek Photography is to foster & capture connection. Your elopement is your way to create a wedding day where you can truly connect with each other. Let’s talk more about what your elopement day can be!

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