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Hey! My name is Malachi Lewis, I am based out of Montrose, Colorado & Moab, Utah but tend to be very nomadic. Specializing in intimate weddings & elopements allows me to help couples have an amazing experience for their wedding day. As an elopement photographer in Colorado, I get to take couples to some of the most beautiful places in the San Juan Mountains, Rocky Mountain National Park, Gunnison National Forest, & more! Just because you are having a smaller wedding or elopement doesn’t mean you deserve less. You deserve even more! Intimate weddings & elopements allow you to focus on the beginnings of your relationship together & that is a beautiful thing.


Why I love photographing elopements

elopements are all about the experience

Elopements are something you do for you. Your relationship with each other is the most important thing & you don’t need a massive production to show that. In fact, a big wedding takes away from the focus of a marriage. An elopement can be anything you want it to be & I am here to help make your dreams a reality.

My extensive international & domestic travel experience allows me to help couples plan an amazing adventure, even if neither of us has been to the location before! My favorite locations where I’ve been include Glacier National Park, Panama, Banff, & Guanajuato. Some of my bucket list list locations include Australia, New Zealand, Alaska, Ecuador, & just about anywhere in Africa.



I’m an intimate wedding & elopement photographer based out of Colorado. With my extensive travel experience, I can help you elope anywhere. My focus is to give you guys a fun, stress free experience + epic photos in beautiful locations. I'll help you through the entire process, from planning out times & locations to vendor recommendations & tips for hiking with wedding gear.

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Want another reason to elope? Not only are weddings expensive, they also produce a lot of waste. Each wedding usually produces at least 400 pounds of trash! When you elope, you don’t spend a bunch of money on things you’ll later throw away, you’ll invest in a true adventurous experience. And if you’re like me, you value experiences over things & want to elope because it just sounds like an amazing start to the new adventure of life that you are starting together.

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