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Creating adventurous elopement experiences for couples that want to explore the great outdoors in Colorado, Utah, the western U.S. & beyond!

Your elopement is your way to create a wedding day where you can truly connect with each other. Let’s talk more about what your elopement day can be!

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Why have an adventure elopement? Connect with nature. Connect with each other.

Do you know the main reason why most couples elope? The main reason that most couples elope is to have a day that is truly focused on them. Ditching the stress of a big wedding & saving money can definitely be factors in choosing to elope. Your marriage isn’t about pleasing a hundred friends, it’s about your connection with each other. Why should your wedding day be any different? Make the choice for YOU to ELOPE!

Just imagine a wedding day completely your own, in the most awe inspiring surroundings of nature.

The focus of your wedding day should be the beginning of your lives together.


An Elopement isn’t About the Photos, It’s About the Experience

An elopement is a chance to break from traditions & have the day you truly want! What can you do on your elopement day? The options are endless! Take a Jeep deep into the desert, hike up to a mountaintop for sunrise, take off in a romantic hot air balloon ride, hire a private chef, or take a mini road trip. Stop thinking about what a wedding should be & instead start thinking about what a fun day you could plan together.


An elopement is NOT just a small wedding. Your elopement can be so much more! An elopement is one of many best days to come. Do something different, make the brave & bold choice to elope in a way that is totally personalized to what you want to experience.

Malachi Lewis is a photographer in Colorado at Shell Creek Photography.

About Your Colorado Elopement Photographer

Hey! My name is Malachi Lewis, I am an adventure elopement photographer in Colorado & Utah but I am always on the go! Specializing in small weddings & elopements allows me to help couples have an amazing experiences for their wedding days.

I mainly serve the Ouray, Silverton, Telluride, Crested Butte, & Moab areas, but with my extensive travel experience, I help couples plan all sort of amazing adventures across the U.S. & beyond! My focus is to give you guys a fun, stress-free experience + epic photos in beautiful locations. I love getting to know the couples I get to work with & I’d love for you to get to know me a little better as well!

Don’t have any idea where to start with your elopement? I’m here to help! You just need a few ideas. I’ll help turn those ideas into a reality that is sure to create memories for life!

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Reviews & Testimonials

He has such a friendly and natural presence & has a way of making you feel instantly comfortable around him.
Sydney & Jackson
He was truly kind & was always willing to chat with us or give input on even the smallest questions. An elopement like this can feel complicated and intimidating to plan, but Malachi made it feel painless.
DOM & Katie
Malachi is a really cool, easy to talk to, chill guy which made the whole thing less awkward & more fun.
Shelby & Zach

Why Work With Me as Your Adventure Elopement Photographer in Colorado?


Experienced Adventure Photographer

There’s no shortage of experience here! With years of experience as a Colorado elopement photographer, you can be assured that I’ll help you be prepared for exploring on the day of your adventure elopement. I am fully prepared with emergency gear, backups, first aid kits, & so much more!

Vendor Recommendations

Need some recommendations for other adventure elopement vendors? I am always happy to help! I not only recommend vendors but can also recommend places to stay, things to do while you’re in the area, & helping you know how to travel to your elopement destination.

Location Scouting & Planning Assistance

Don’t know where to elope? There are so many hidden gems in Colorado, the Western U.S. & beyond! Figuring out the best time to elope or navigating the permits for the various locations can be confusing. I am heavily involved in the planning process to help you have one of the best days ever.

Timeline Planning & Activity Ideas

To have a stress-free elopement day, you don’t need a strict timeline to follow, but a general guideline of when to leave & where to go can be immensely helpful. I also know how to estimate the time it takes to hike trails or drive 4WD roads. And activity ideas can really help you have fun on your elopement!

Colorful, Bold, Fun, Timeless…

Colorful Elopement Photography That Tells a Story

You don’t want the cookie cutter photos that you see everywhere else. You want bold, colorful, & creative photos that show off the epic adventures of your elopement day!

My photos are edited true to color with a little extra pop. No desaturated colors, dull greens, or white washed skin tones here! I want you to love your photos, print them big, & show them off for years to come. That’s why I have a true to life & timeless editing style.

Pricing & Planning Resources for Adventure Elopements in Colorado & Other Locations

Pricing for Elopements in Colorado, the Western U.S. + Beyond

Check out my pricing guide for elopements. I offer adventure elopement photography in Colorado, Utah, & beyond. Travel is included with all elopement collections.

Bride says vows to her groom at an outdoor wedding in Colorado.

Learn More About How to Elope in Colorado & Elopement Locations

As a Colorado elopement photographer, I can help with info about weather, locations, permits, & other information you need to know for planning your elopement in Colorado!

Adventure Elopement in Moab, Utah

How & Where to Elope Around the Moab, Utah Area

Moab, Utah is a small town with a lot of diverse areas for adventure elopements! Learn more about the deserts & mountains of Moab & learn more about this adventure destination.

Elope for the Planet

Want another reason to elope? Not only are weddings expensive, but they also produce a lot of waste. Each wedding usually produces at least 400 pounds of trash! When you elope, you don’t spend a bunch of money on things you’ll later throw away, you’ll invest in a truly adventurous experience. And if you’re like me, you value experiences over things & want to elope because it just sounds like an amazing start to the new adventure of life that you are starting together.

I am a certified Leave No Trace Aware Photographer in Colorado.

I have taken the official photography course from the Leave No Trace Center & am committed to preserving our public lands.

If you’re not familiar with leave no trace, don’t worry! I’m here to help educate others on how we can leave a minimal impact.

Mountain Elopement in Silverton, Colorado

Why Elope in the San Juan Mountains of Colorado?

The mountains of western Colorado are a less visited part of the state that are full of some amazing hidden gems! As a Colorado elopement photographer local to this region, I LOVE helping couples elope in the San Juans!

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Your marriage is between the two of you, so why shouldn’t your wedding be?

Elopements are something you do for you. Your relationship with each other is the most important thing & you don’t need a massive production to show that. In fact, a big wedding takes away from the focus of a marriage. An elopement can be anything you want it to be & I am here to help make whatever you can imagine a reality!

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Ready to get married in an epic way? I am the Colorado elopement photographer for you!

Ask me about what I offer & how I can help not only in photographing but also in planning your elopement. Think I’m a good fit for you? Reach out & schedule a time to talk more!