Colorado Marriage Licenses & Self Solemnization

Are you getting married in Colorado? In order to make your marriage official & legal, you need to follow local regulations & laws & make sure you get your marriage license. Did you know you can also self solemnize in Colorado? This means that an officiant is not needed to legally get married in the state of Colorado!

Overall it is VERY easy to legally get married in Colorado & it’s a fairly painless process to get your marriage license. You can get your marriage license anywhere in the state & use it in any county. I share a lot more details in this post including info about self solemnization, frequently asked questions about requirements to get married in Colorado, & even info about your dogs signing your marriage license for your wedding or elopement!

How to Solemnize Your Own Marriage in Colorado

To solemnize your own marriage in Colorado is an easy process. All you need to do is to bring your IDs into the county clerk, sign some papers, & you’re legally married! No witnesses or officiants are needed to solemnize your own marriage in Colorado. This makes Colorado a great place for elopements.

Elopement in the San Juan Mountains of western Colorado

Why You Should Self-Solemnize in Colorado 

When you elope in a place that you both love, then you will be sure to enjoy the day the way that you intend to. But sometimes it can be hard to find an officiant that will travel or hike to where you want to get married. You can write your own vows and make your day as special as you want without depending on other people.

Self-solemnizing your elopement allows you to have as much privacy as you want & enables you to say your vows & promise yourselves to each other in the most intimate way possible. Having the ability to go away into the mountains of Colorado & get married without anyone else around is exactly what some couples want for their elopement package. You can have the opportunity to celebrate your marriage the way you want. Self-solemnizing makes eloping in Colorado easier.

Bride and groom self solemnize their elopement in the mountains of Colorado.

Bride & groom self-solemnize in the mountains of Colorado

Obtaining A Marriage License for Colorado

In order to be married by the law in Colorado, you will need to get your marriage license. You can get your marriage license in Colorado without an officiant. Getting your marriage license requires filling out an application & paying a fee. Go to a county clerk’s office in Colorado to get your marriage license. You can get a license from any county in Colorado, no matter where you are getting married. The license is valid for all counties across Colorado. You can save time by filling out the application online but will still need to go in person to pay the fee.

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What You Need to Get Married in Colorado & Get a Marriage License

Information – The date and the state that you are marrying is necessary. Be sure that you are giving the correct information on the application. You will also need to provide your social security numbers (you do not need to bring your social security cards), parents’ names & current addresses, & places of birth.

Fee – There is a fee to get your marriage license. You can pay by cash or money order in the amount of $30.00. Almost all areas do take credit cards.

Be Present – Both people need to be present. You both have to be there to show ID. One of the two of you may be absent as long as an Absentee Affidavit is completed, along with a notarized signature and a copy of the absent party’s valid identification.

ID Required – In the couple, both people need to show ID. You can use a driver’s license, state-issued ID, passport, birth certificate, or a U.S. military ID.

Officiants or Witnesses are not Required – In Colorado you can marry yourselves without the need for an officiant or even witnesses. If you would prefer, I can sign your license as an ordained officiant. However, I don’t perform ceremonies, I only act as an officiant or witness as needed.

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Frequently Asked Questions About How to Get Legally Married in Colorado

Wondering about all the specifics of what it takes to get legally married in Colorado? I’ve got you covered with these frequently asked questions I’ve received from all sorts of couples over the years…

A judge, magistrate, minister, or anyone who is ordained can perform a marriage ceremony in Colorado. A couple can also marry themselves by self solemnizing their marriage ceremony.

Yes! You do not need anyone else there, you just need to fill out some paperwork to legally marry yourselves in Colorado & self solemnize your marriage.

Yes, you can get legally married in Colorado without the need for an officiant or even witnesses.

It is very easy to get a marriage license in Colorado. There is no waiting period & you can get a marriage license by going to a county clerk’s office.

Yes. You must get married in the state of Colorado with your Colorado marriage license but once you’re married, your marriage will be legally recognized by other states. However, you cannot take a Colorado marriage license to get married in a different state.

The cost for a marriage license in Colorado is currently $30.00 & it can be paid for by cash, check, or card. Keep in mind that sometimes other fees are applied based on the payment method you choose.

You can get a Colorado marriage license at any county clerk’s office in Colorado & there is one in each county.

Your marriage license in Colorado is valid upon being issued to you & must be used in the state within 35 days of receiving the license.

Yes! Since witnesses or an officiant are not required, your dog can sign your marriage license with their paw print.

Update Since the Pandemic for Colorado Marriage Licenses

Currently, some county clerk offices are open by appointment only. Other offices are open for virtual appointments. Do some research on the county clerk office closest to where you will be getting married & see if they are closed, doing in person appointments, or virtual appointments. Pro tip: the offices in western Colorado are less busy & close to some epic mountain locations! 😉

Want help with eloping in Colorado? Send me an email & let’s talk!

Get Married in Your Own Way in Colorado

You do not have to follow all of the aspects of a more traditional wedding. But if you are getting married in Colorado you will need a marriage license to make it legal. You are free to have an officiant or your own type of commitment ceremony.

Make the most of your own wedding. Use the time to spend together creating a union of love & trust. It’s the beginning of the rest of your lives together. Make it special! Do what you want on your wedding day & enjoy the time that you have together. It may be the best day of your lives up to that point but believe me when I say that there are many better best days to come!

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