Intimate Wedding in Jackson Hole, Wyoming in the Tetons

Ok, so this is going to be a long post with A LOT of photos, but I just couldn’t help it! Tessa & Kyle had an intimate wedding in Jackson Hole, Wyoming from sunrise to sunset. They did a lot of adventuring, got to explore different parts of Grand Teton National Park, & these have got to be some of my favorite photos! Not to mention Tessa & Kyle were just such a great couple with the nicest families & I just enjoyed getting to be a part of their elopement experience & getting to know them better.

Sunrise First Look & Wedding Ceremony

Tessa & Kyle came to me wanting an intimate wedding in a national park somewhere with epic mountains. We talked about a few different places & they ultimately decided on Grand Teton National Park by Jackson Hole. Tessa & Kyle have been together for 6 years & their connection with each other really showed on their elopement day. They had some great ideas for their day & it was so fun seeing it all come to life. Also Kyle is an INCREDIBLE underwater photographer, so you should definitely check out his Instagram.

After their wedding ceremony iin Jackson Hole there were a lot of hugs, kisses, smiles, & some tears. I was just there to document it all as they shared these intimate moments with their families. Yes the scenery was beautiful, but these moments were even more beautiful. The love & support their families showed during their wedding day was just amazing & it honestly made me tear up a bit. And with the Tetons as their backdrop, they got some great family portraits on their wedding day as well.

Family Wedding Picnic at Jackson Lake

After their intimate sunrise wedding ceremony near Jackson Hole, it was time to head out to the lake for a picnic with their families. I had location scouted & found a remote bay that not a lot of people know about, so they were able to have an entire beach for their picnic all to themselves. We even had a bit of cell service so Tessa & Kyle were able to video chat with his grandmother on their elopement day. There’s all sorts of ways to include your family, even if they cannot be physically present. Including your family in some way is a great way to make your elopement special.

At Jackson Lake, Tessa & Kyle were skipping rocks, having fun, & just chilling out for a bit. I can’t stress how important it is to plan some time in your elopement day to just chill out for a bit. Have some cake, eat some food during a picnic, have a slow dance, or just take some time to chill & take in the scenery from your wedding day. Tessa & Kyle live near the ocean so water is a big part of their lives. So of course they had to get in the water in Jackson Lake & get some unique wedding day pictures!

On our way out to the picnic spot, we encountered an angry mama ptarmigan. I come across all sorts of wildlife on elopement including porcupines, bears, bobcats, moose, elk, & others. One of the guests though had a bit of a fear of birds & he wouldn’t walk by her when he needed to go back to the car! It gave us all a bit of a laugh. But that mama bird was going to protect her babies from the scary humans.

Adventuring & Dinner in Jackson Hole

Everything around Jackson Hole was soooo lush! The area had received a lot of rain which was a great thing for the greenery & all the wildflowers. We adventured up above the mountains a bit to get some different views & these gorgeous fields of yellow wildflowers. If you want a wedding with wildflowers in the mountains, keep in mind that most don’t bloom until mid-summer. Spring still has a lot of snow in the higher elevations! We even got to taste some wild raspberries on the hike!

After a bit of adventuring in the mountains, it was time to head into Jackson Hole for their dinner reservation at Orsetto. Let me tell you they have some great food & wine! Tessa & Kyle did an outfit change & we took some more casual wedding day photos around downtown Jackson Hole before they were off & said goodbye to their families. They later tried some huckleberry ice cream from Moo’s & were so happy for the recommendation because their huckleberry ice cream is the bomb!

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Malachi was truly amazing, I couldn’t have asked for a better wedding photographer/planner! When my fiancé & I were figuring out where we wanted to get married, all we knew was that we wanted to get married in a national park. Once we found Malachi, he helped us narrow down which parks would work based on our specific preferences, sent so many ideas with specific details of how the day would look in certain places, & recommended what he thought would be best based on what we were looking for. After meeting with him a few times he helped us pick Grand Tetons National Park which was absolutely perfect for us. After this, Malachi helped us plan the most perfect day, beginning with a ceremony, then a secluded picnic by a lake, then an absolutely incredible hike, finishing with dinner in town. The day was amazing & the pictures turned out absolutely incredible. Pretty much every person I show the images to says they are the best wedding photos they have ever seen. I cannot recommend Malachi enough, he goes above & beyond for his clients. The day before our wedding, for example, after driving all night to get to the Tetons, he location scouted & found a lake for our picnic to make sure we would be the only people there because this was important to us. If you want a fun & unique wedding day, with lots of time to spend with your spouse, Malachi is the way to go! And the pictures will be epic!! –Tessa & Kyle


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