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3 Reasons Why You Need an Engagement Photography Session

“Are engagement sessions really that important? Why do I need one?”

Are you engaged and making wedding plans? Ready to book your photographer? No matter who you book for your wedding photographer, read why I recommend that you get engagement pictures done before your wedding day.

Reason #1: An engagement session allows you to ‘practice’ in front of the camera.

It has probably been awhile since you’ve been in front of a professional with a camera. An engagement session allows you to kind of have a practice session in front of the camera with your photographer. Practice posing and laugh at my ways to get you to smile. 🙂

Reason #2: You get to know your photographer, your photographer gets to know you.

My goal during the session is to make friends. I want to know you better. What make you special as a couple? You also get to know me better. We become more acquainted with each other so then you wedding day will flow a lot smoother.

Reason #3: You will have photos to use for wedding details.

Whether you need Save the Dates, a wedding guest sign-in book, album, a canvas or large framed print, your session will provide you with images that you can use in these various details. You can personalize your wedding and make it yours.

Bonus reason #4: You get casual photos of yourselves.

I know I said 3 reasons but I just had to add in this bonus. Engagement and wedding photos may be one of the last times in a long time that you have photos of yourselves. The wedding photos are great but the engagement photos will document you in your favorite pair of jeans in a special spot such as where you met, where your first date was, or where he popped the question.

So take the time and invest in some engagement photos!

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