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The Benefits of Having a Small Wedding

As photographer specializing in small weddings & elopements, I’ve seen many benefits to the weddings with a smaller guest list. Elopements & intimate weddings allow you the chance to celebrate your love in a different way than a big, traditional wedding. Sometimes couples just aren’t excited about saying their very personal vows in front of a large crowd. More couples are opting out of the stresses & expenses & instead are looking to celebrate their marriage in a more low-key, intimate way. Sometimes it can be hard to know where to start with your elopement. But knowing some benefits could help you make a decision!

Have a More Personalized Experience

I, as a photographer, am able to spend more time with couples planning & creating an experience. But when the day comes, I can spend less time in your faces & more time hanging back, photographing events that unfold. Couple who chose a more intimate experience usually connect with me personally & artistically. We can focus less on the poses & more on the real moments. With smaller weddings, I even have the time to get more acquainted with not only you, but also your friends & family. When I get to know you, your friends, & your family better, I always feel like I can create art & document the day in a more meaningful way.

Enjoy More Privacy

If you want to say some meaningful vows to each other but have reservations about saying them in front of a large crowd, an intimate wedding or elopement affords you the opportunity to promise yourselves to each other in front of close friends & family or just to each other. A big wedding can be filled with people who you are not close with or who you just invite to make your parents, friends, or other family members happy.

Saving Money

One of the most obvious benefits of an intimate wedding is saving on the cost. The average cost of a wedding in the U.S. ranges from a $20,000 average as the cheapest & up to a $55,000 average for the more expensive states. And those are only the averages. The biggest way to save money on a wedding is having less guests. The more guests you have the more food you need, the more space you need to rent, & you may also need to provide transportation or security in some cases.

With a more intimate wedding or an elopement with just the two of you, the expenses can be greatly reduced. A gorgeous celebration can still be had, especially since you can just spend the money on what is important to you guys. Flowers for a large wedding party, favors, alcohol, decor for a large reception, large venues, food, & hair & makeup are just a few of things you can save money on. Opt for splurging a little to make your intimate wedding more special or save your money for your honeymoon or use it for something other than an expensive one day party. Many times if you are having a destination elopement or wedding, you can even combine it with your honeymoon & save on travel.

But what if you want to elope or have a small wedding, but still want to celebrate with a bunch of people? Many couples choose to elope & then weeks or even months later hold a more casual elopement reception. Have a potluck in a park or set up a fun backyard reception & rent a projector to show your photos & videos. You could also print your photos out to display or show a photo album of your wedding day. It’s a great way to include a lot of people who are special to you while still keeping your ceremony special & intimate.


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